Canon XH-A1 HD HDV Professional Camcorder

Canon XH-A1 HD HDV Professional Camcorder

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  • Canon XH-A1 HDV HD 3CCD Camcorder Body
  • Canon XH-A1 Built-in Lens
  • Canon XH-A1 Built-in Microphone
  • Canon XH-A1 Built-in Viewfinder
  • Canon XH-A1 Hand Strap
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • 30 Day Warranty

Canon XH-A1 Camcorder Features:

  • The Image Quality of High Definition
  • Genuine Canon HD Zoom Lens
  • 3CCD Performance
  • Super-Range Optical Image Stabilizer
  • Instant AF
  • DIGIC DV ll HD Image Processor
  • Complete Customization
  • 60i / 50i Video Mode Option
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • Option of 60i / 50i Video Mode
  • 2 XLR Ports
  • Optical Image Stabilizer

Pre-Owned Canon XH-A1 Professional HD Camcorder Package:

The Canon XH-A1 Professional HD HDV Camcorder is known for its high quality image capabilities and 20x optical zoom. It also shoots in true 1080 HD resolution video at multiple frame rates. The camera for sale has been fully tested and all functions work perfectly. This camera for sale is in fantastic cosmetic condition with minor signs of prior use. The lens is spotless and the test footage is crystal clear! Needless to say this camcorder would be a great companion for any aspiring filmmaker or professional videographer.

Canon XH-A1 HD Professional Camcorder Review

A lightweight professional camcorder at a lightweight price.

The Canon XH-A1 is a small, lightweight professional HD camcorder that doesn’t compromise capability or performance. The Canon XH-A1 is loaded with advanced features and a wide range of image parameter controls at a very attractive price.

A high performance camera loaded with professional features.

This High Definition Canon captures at 1080i in 16:9 widescreen, perfect for broadcast and theatrical projects. Its Genuine Canon 20x Professional Series Fluorite lens delivers outstanding resolution, contrast and color reproduction, while delivering brilliant clarity and pristine image quality.

Among it’s many professional features, the Canon XH-A1 provides:

•Sharpened color reproduction, especially involving skin tones, and light or dark scenes.

•Hybrid noise reduction system that integrates two types of NR, each with three independent settings.

•A 2.8” widescreen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and a .57” EVF (Electronic View Finder) for bright, high-resolution views.

The LCD and EVF can be viewed simultaneously, giving both the videographer and the director a crystal clear image of the scene as it’s happening.

A steady shot under diverse conditions.

Among the other elite features of the Canon XH-A1 is its Super-Range Optical Image Stabilizer, which combines gyro- and image-sensors to correct a wide array of unintentional camera movement, anything from casual body sway to fast vibration while recording from a moving car. Combine that with Instant AF (Auto Focus), and you’ll be assured of an ultra-quick, accurate focus.

Flexibility is paramount on many levels.

•Shoot with 60i, 30 or 24 progressive frame rates.

•Capture footage on HDV digital tape.

•Get excellent results using automatic exposure and image controls or fine-tune your video using our manual settings.

If you’re one to prefer manual adjustments, the Canon XH-A1 is designed or simple and quick modifications without navigating through menus to change parameters. Dual on/off and zoom controls are located in two convenient places: at the rear and atop the handle. The latter is ideal for low or medium height shooting applications.

The Canon XH-A1 is the right camera for you.

It’s small. It’s lightweight. And it’s inexpensive. But most importantly, the Canon XH-A1 performs at exceedingly high levels. You can have as much, or as little control as you want. But either way, you’ll be amazed at what comes out of this professional camera.

Other features of note:

•Audio recording: HDV 2-channel audio MPEG1 Audio Layer II.

•Minimum focusing distance: 20mm.

•Microphone: High-performance stereo electronic condenser microphone.

•DV Terminal: HDV/DV special 6-pin connector

•Dimensions: 6.4 x 7.6 x 15.5 inches.

•Weight: 4.7 lbs. Shipping Information

  • For expedited shipping options please allow 1 business day of processing time in addition to selected shipping time.
  • For our free ground shipping service please allow an estimated 2-12 business days for your order to arrive.
  • See UPS map below for estimated transit times.

  • *Please note that estimated delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. Cosmetic  Condition Scale

We understand that professionals want the best when it comes to the condition of the items they use and thus we hold ourselves to a higher standard.  Below you will find the cosmetic condition scale.  Please note that we will not sell anything that is not perfectly functional.

10/10 = The product is Brand New.

9/10 = The product is in MINT condition and shows no signs of prior use.  For instance, on a camcorder or camera, there are no scratches on the body, lens, microphone, etc.  Even on closer inspection, it is difficult to distinguish a MINT item from a brand new one. 

8/10 = The product is in excellent condition (Mint -).  It shows a few signs of prior use but nothing that is easily visible without a close inspection.  For instance, an 8/10 for a camcorder might have a few very light scratches around its body.  Scratches most commonly appear on or around the tripod mount.  However, the camcorder’s overall cosmetic condition is phenomenal.  There are no signs of heavy use or misuse, and there are absolutely no scratches on the lenses.

7/10 = The product is in very good condition and shows signs of light use.  It has a few more signs of use than an 8/10.  For instance, you might notice some more light wear around the body, including some light scratches.  However, there are no scratches on any lenses, viewfinders, etc.

6/10 = The product is in good condition and shows signs of moderate use.  A camcorder in good condition shows several signs of prior use, such as wear on the tripod mount, scratches around the body, and possibly one or two deeper scratches.  However, there are no scratches on the lenses, viewfinders etc.

5/10 = The product is in ok condition and shows signs of heavy use.  For instance, on a camcorder, you will find heavy wear on the tripod mount, scratches on the body, and possibly a small chipped piece of plastic on the body (but not a crack).  Any chips will be insignificant and will not affect the functionality of the camcorder.  Despite wear on the camcorder body, the lenses, viewfinder , and LCD screen are not scratched.

4/10 = We will not sell any items in this condition.  Instead, we liquidate cameras and camcorders rated below a 5 and sell them through other channels. We hand-pick our best cameras to sell on our website.
3/10 = We will not sell any items in this condition.  Instead, we liquidate cameras and camcorders rated below a 5 and sell them through other channels.  We hand-pick our best cameras to sell on our website.
2/10 = We will not sell any items in this condition.  Instead, we liquidate cameras and camcorders rated below a 5 and sell them through other channels  We hand-pick our best cameras to sell on our website.
1/10 = We will not sell any items in this condition.  Instead, we liquidate cameras and camcorders rated below a 5 and sell them through other channels  We hand-pick our best cameras to sell on our website. Functional Condition Scale
10/10 = The item functions perfectly.  We test all of our items and we will not sell an item that does not function perfectly.  We test all of the functions and features of our items to ensure they are working perfectly before shipping.  For instance, on a camcorder, we not only check playback but also all of the ports, white balance, zoom, focus, and audio quality.  In addition, we check any features that are specific to that type of camcorder.
9/10 or less = We will not sell anything that is not perfectly functional, so all items for sale will be rated 10/10 for functionality.  We will not sell any items that do not rate 10/10 on our functional scale., High Definition Camcorders and Camcorder Equipment

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